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Maximum Vibrance
Maximum Vibrance
From $29.60 $37.00
Field of Greens
Field of Greens
From $41.60 $52.00
Vibrant Flora Lean Body Support
Vibrant Cleanse
Vibrant Cleanse
From $28.80 $36.00

New Year, New You. Save 20%.

Enjoy 20% off our favorite products for helping you reach that 2018 goal.
Eligible products are listed above. 

Cannot be combined with any other sale or discount. Excludes gear and samples. Promo ends February 28th. 

Discount Tiers

We are pleased to reward our loyal customers that meet any of the below qualifications. Proper identification is required in order to qualify for any of our Discount Programs. To apply, please complete the Discount Pricing Application and submit with the necessary supporting documentation. Your application and documentation will be reviewed by the Discount Pricing Administrator. A Customer Service Specialist will be in touch with you to confirm your Discount and to set up your account. Restrictions may apply.The Discount Program purchases are for personal use only.

Your designated discount, once established, will appear after you click "check out."

Military Discount

If you are on active duty, retired from the military, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves, you may apply for a discount of 30 percent on all full size Vibrant Health Products

Senior Discount

Seniors (65 and older) may apply for a discount of 30 percent on all full size Vibrant Health Products.

College Student Discount

College Students (currently enrolled in an accredited college or university) may apply for a discount of 30 percent on all full size Vibrant Health Products.

Medical Dispensation Discount

Customers that are currently suffering from a medical condition who could benefit from our products may apply for a discount on all full size Vibrant Health Products. The discount amount will be determined by the Pricing Administrator based on the documentation submitted.

Need Help? To download the Discount Application Form, click here. Save the form to your computer. You may open and print the form to fill out and submit or fill out electronically using Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free program available from Adobe: http://get.adobe.com/reader.


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