4 Simple Ways to Feng Shui Your Home & Bring More Joy into Your Life this Winter

4 Simple Ways to Feng Shui Your Home & Bring More Joy into Your Life this Winter
Winter is here, and the colder weather means more time hunkering down indoors. Add a national pandemic to the mix, and you may be wondering when you‚ll ever leave the house again. If you‚re already developing a serious case of cabin fever, you‚re not alone. Sound familiar? Do not fear: you may not be doomed for a gloomy, cooped up winter after all. We spoke with Feng Shui expert Kerri Miller to learn about simple ways you can bring more joy into your home this season ‚ taking your space from cabin fever to winter wonderland in no time! What is Feng Shui, Anyway? What is Feng Shui you ask? Translating to ‚wind-water,‚ the practice of Feng Shui stems from ancient China. According to Miller, Feng Shui is all about paying attention to the way energy flows through a space. ‚When chi/energy in a space is flowing easily, the space feels balanced, calm and supportive,‚ Miller says. ‚And the people in the space feel better and tend to thrive better in all parts of life.‚ It goes without saying; we could all use some of thatthis winter! Here are 4 simple ways you can Feng Shui your home and bring more joy into your life this season. 4 Simple Ways to Feng Shui Your Home this Season
  1. Get Intentional About Your Surroundings
  2. Ask Yourself How You Want to Feel
  3. Clear the Clutter
  4. Brighten Up the Ambience
  1. Get Intentional About Your Surroundings
First things first, it‚s time to get intentional about your surroundings in order to set yourself up for success. If your home feels cluttered and chaotic, that energy is likely going to sneak into every area of your life. Alternatively, Miller explains that when a space has good Feng Shui, you‚re able to create more flow, comfort and ease. ‚Think of your surroundings like another layer of clothes,‚ Miller says. ‚When it fits good and feels good to be in, it helps you be at your best no matter what you‚re doing during the day.‚
  1. Ask Yourself How You Want to Feel
On that note, it‚s helpful to ask yourself how you want to feelthis coming season ‚ and what kind of energy you want to bring into your home. Once you‚re crystal clear on that, you can begin to think about ways to create a space that best exemplifies that feeling. One helpful question Miller suggests asking yourself: What kind of spaces do you love spending time in?Is it the beach? The mountains? A yoga studio? ‚Add some elements that remind you of that so you can get the feel of it in your very own home,‚ Miller says.
  1. Clear the Clutter
Once you‚re clear on how you want to feel, it‚s time to remove anything that‚s draining you. ‚If you have a pile of clutter whispering to you, a bunch of clothes that don‚t fit, or a project that is screaming to get finished, you will never feel comfortable or settled in the space while you‚re staring at that,‚ Miller says.
  1. Brighten Up the Ambience
Don‚t pack up those holiday lights just yet! Ambience is an important part of Feng Shui and bright, twinkling lights ‚ especially during the darker days of winter ‚ can bring joy into your space. Miller suggests making your home a sacred space as a form of self care. Perhaps that‚s bringing in your favorite candles, salt lamps, crystals, relaxing music, or even nourishing, homemade meals. ‚Make it a sacred space where you love being so being there feels more like a treat than a chore,‚ Miller adds. Share how you‚re bringing more joy into your home this winter by tagging us on social @VibrantHealth

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